7 Man Flag Football

Collections of 7 man flag football plays rarely incorporate much in the way of effective defensive strategies.  They focus heavily on offensive plays while offering a few suggestions of zone or man to man coverage, leaving the defensive plays to make it up as they go along.  This leads to huge games through the air and on ground in addition to a disappointing sight on the score board.  The best offense is a good defense, and Dr. G is proud to offer the ultimate solution to your 7 man flag football defensive woes.

Dr. G’s book of 7 man flag football plays contains over 700 field tested plays proven to shut down offenses and put your offense in the end zone.  These plays have all been designed specifically for the 7 man flag football arena with the help of professionals and legends of the game.  You’ll find plays for zone coverage, man to man, goal line, short yardage and clock control.  Plays are shown from multiple formations to your team the best options to shut down your opponents running and passing game.

All of Dr. G’s plays are laid out in an easy to follow color system that dramatically improves team efficiency while cutting down on miscues and errors.  Each player on your team is represented by a colored dot, and is assigned the color for the entirety of the game.  Pre snap players simply glance at the play and instantly see their dots coverage’s and responsibilities.  This reduces huddle time and ensures that your defense is never caught off guard by a no huddle offense.

If you’re looking to be a defensive coordinator, Dr. G and Football Plays Now is proud to introduce their revolutionary flag football play designer.  This simple to use program allows you to quickly build an entire arsenal of 7 on 7 flag football plays that play on your team’s strengths and key players.

Don’t let an opportunity for victory pass your team by.